Yoga - What's the style for you?

Dating back several millennia to Southeast Asia, yoga gained ground in the western world as a fixture on the wellness scene. The classical forms have been transmuted into much-touted simple exercises and in full awareness of the priority of mindful breathing in the hurry-up ambiance. Yet, varied rhythms and techniques of unification with our inner selves gave birth to a handful of ways to challenge the mind and body. Here are the yogi and yogini quintessentials to get into the flow and release emotions through movements.

Hata Yoga

If you are a novice to the breathing science, this general type is your best bet. Hatha hinges on asanas or the postures and breathing motions or pranayamas as the source of physical and mental strength. A gentle stretch in a warrior pose or facing downward with bated breath will help you come to yoga brass tacks. Varied training methods make way for comprehensive meditation.

Anusara Yoga

Being in close kinship with Hatha, Anusara, elaborated by John Friend in the 90's, brings forward greater physical load aiming at liberating not only your body but also heart and mind. Following the opening ritual with special chants, this well-paced branch implies your awakening, a full understanding of inner and outer sense of self and a direct connection with the divine through the universal principles of attitude, alignment and action.

Iyengar Yoga

It's all about finding a proper stance and focusing on balance. A good many tools like straps, blocks and bolsters are always at hand to practice different sequences put to use by B.K.S. Iyengar in the 1970s'. The increased physical strength gained with a longer mindful approach results in a positive energy burst.

Vinyasa Yoga

As old as the yoga tradition itself, Vinyasa is its own mindful adventure. Revolving around the dance-like flowing movements in sync with inhaling and exhaling rhythms the utmost fluidity here is the source of entire inspiration. A healthy cardio challenge attained through interchanging dynamics of motions is the perfect base for your strength, flexibility and balance.

Ashtanga Yoga

Vinyasa's twin sister in terms of supreme flow of movements, Ashtanga goes for mastering the same postures in the same progression. The proposed six sequences, increasing in speed and complexity from the very first class, allow to fine-tune your body and mind and boost strength.

Yin Yoga

The key principles of traditional Chinese medicine and familiar postures unite here to give you the one-third of yoga benefits in one fell swoop. Whether you are a beginner or an inveterate practitioner, maintaining the same asana for 45 seconds, 2 minutes or longer periods is like a blessing for your ligaments and tendons growing elastic all through the practice.

Kundalini Yoga

Once reached an escalated proficiency in yoga philosophy, Kundalini will intensify your spiritual and physical involvement. Choose a mantra, release the accumulated spinal energy and align breathing with fast movements to journey beyond the limits of your ego self. Await strengthened nervous system, increased lung capacity and blood detoxification at the end of the week-long class.

Bikram or Hot Yoga

A pursuit of hot and humid spaces and 26 postures repeated twice during the entire session will lead you to Bikram yoga perking up beginners and pros alike with barrels of sweat. The injury-proof muscles foreshadow augmented resilience. Bikram's brainchild Hot yoga instead suggests a slightly varied sequence with the possibility of further modifications.

With yoga enjoying a boom on an international level, new styles and practices never quit enhancing the scene. Whether you wish to simply cleanse your mind and body with the help of a restorative practice, stay healthy during pregnancy through a prenatal class or stick to a fitness-focused yoga routine it's always the right time to start to train the mind to rest.

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