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Detox retreat in Thailand

Our detox programs will remove large amounts of toxic waste materials from your system to enable your body to begin to re-build and rejuvenate giving you more vitality as well as helping to prevent illness.

Contact the organiser - yogaretreatphangan@hotmail.com

What is detox

While you may get vacations your body never does, it is always on call. A detox is a great way to give a break to your digestive system so your body can focus that energy into cleansing, repairing and rejuvenating the systems that lets you live so you can live a better life. Physical as well as emotional, a detox will ask you to be in a peaceful, nurturing space where you can be open and express your sensibilities.

It is important to prepare yourself physically and mentally before entering into a detox. We ask you to listen to your own body and to be prepared to make your own decisions on what options you take. We are here to guide you on your own personal journey into cleansing but it is you who has to find the discipline to continue a new diet and lifestyle after your detox has finished. We give you the tools you need to get started.

The detox is as important as what you do before and after. It is important to enter the detox smoothly and to break it smoothly as well. Your body will enter a resting period and you can help it, by preparing your self correctly.

During your detox

During your detox no foods at all is the best policy. This means no chewing of anything. This allows the digestive system to take a rest. You should take as much fluids as possible so as to not shock your body, and replace essential minerals. During the Detox, most people expect to remove and clear all types of buildups and blockages. You will be releasing blockages on a physical, mental and emotional level. For some people this emotional stirring up and clearing can sometimes be negative. Please try not to be influenced by other people. Surrender to your emotions and honor them as this is one of the greatest benefits of detox. You should get plenty of rest/sleep during your detox.

Daily exercise is very important for weight loss and release of toxins, yoga, meditation, walking, swimming and peacefulness are recommended. Self-administered colonics are advised.

You can also do a Detox and stay somewhere else, in which case you can come twice a day to get your liquids and supplements for the day at the respective times.

Contact the organiser - yogaretreatphangan@hotmail.com


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